Changing Education Paradigms on RSA Animate

The RSA was founded in England in 1754 as an "enlightenment organization" dedicated to bringing new ideas and debates to a mass audience. To aid in that mission they have been creating animations of talks given by academic and intellectual leaders and philosophers. Rather than using the TED technique of the PP slide show, RSA creates fun animations of doodles on a whiteboard to visually explore the concepts of the lectures. The animations has gotten more and more sophisticated over time, going from still drawings in the first videos to complex assemblages and animations recently. Above is a recent animation of a talk given by education and creativity expert Sir Ken Robinson. He covers such topics as standardized testing, ADHD and arts education. LINK: The RSA LINK: Sir Ken Robinson

One thought on “Changing Education Paradigms on RSA Animate

  1. Princ

    Absolutely fascinating. Really clear and well spkeon and the animation helps visualize it. I totally agree with the speaker, but sadly it will probably never been put into effect at school level.Will show to family and friends who are all school teachers. Will be interesting to hear what they have to say, as they have to do as they are told i.e. the curriculum which I know from experience frustrates teachers time and time again.Thanks for posting.

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