The Doodle Revolution Manifesto

A page from my sketchbook drawn while watching TV coverage of Hurricane Irene this fall. Click image to see full set.

I draw all the time in meetings and lectures, either doing pictures of the speakers or riffing off ideas that are brought up in the course of the talk. I've been doodling like this since high school and my notes from college are a mind map of ideas and tangents, interspersed with cartoon cars and explosions. Sunni Brown brings a new awareness to the importance of doodling in the clip above. On her site Doodle Revolution she posts a manifesto, excerpted below:
The very act of creating a Doodle necessarily engages the mind. Doodling IS thinking, soldiers, it’s just thinking in disguise...No longer will simple visual language be underused and misunderstood. Forevermore, we acknowledge the Doodle as a tool for whole-mind learning and we wield its power deliberately and without restriction, in any learning environment we see fit.
LINK: Sunni Brown LINK: My doodles from TV during Hurricane Irene