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The Endlessly Contorting Escher Girls

It seems that when women are depicted in action comics their spines turn to rubber, their breasts inflate and their feet taper to sharp points. Such is the world depicted by Escher Girls, a Tumblr that surfaces the most ridiculous depictions of female anatomy found in the latest comic books. The signature move on the site is the "Boobs & Butt Pose". This awkward maneuver allows the comic artist to render both the spherical breasts and the firm buttocks of his fantasy babe into one dynamic, ├╝ber-sexy mass of body parts. The end result can look ridiculous to anyone with any familiarity with human anatomy. While the images usually depict the character fighting, the stance is completely unstable and not conducive to good attack or defense.
Some of the funniest posts swap male characters into the female poses and costumes to show just how ridiculous they are. Women in comics are often rendered as submissive tarts, contorted to the demands of a man's eye, while male characters are depicted as throbbing, steroid-pumped hunks of tense muscle. When the roles are switched the results can be hilarious.