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The Animated Doodles of Dan Berry

Here's a cute music video for Jim Guthrie's "The Rest is Yet to Come". Artist Dan Berry made a panoramic background with simple animations of watercolor drawings. The result is a slow pan across a landscape of musicians, leaves and fire. He provides a peek at his process by posting pictures of the video in various stages of production. His main software tools are Photoshop and After Effects, along with a good scanner and watercolor paper. Dan Berry hosts a podcast where he speaks with cartoonists and others about their creative process. It's called "Make It Then Tell Everybody" and is available on iTunes.

Drawing Tangents

Cartoonist Chris Schweizer has an informative overview of composition problems that can pop up when drawing. The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents defines tangents as
...when two or more lines interact in a way that insinuates a relationship between them that the artist did not intend.
Chris follows with a delightfully illustrated list of ambiguities that often appear when composing pictures. They apply as much to photography as they do to drawing and cartooning and can often be overlooked when making an image. LINK: The Schweizer Guide to Spotting Tangents