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The Undressed Art by Peter Steinhart

Peter Steinhart, in his book The Undressed Art, explores the philosophical question of WHY people draw, rather than teaching technique. Steinhart documents many of the different life drawing sessions he's taken over the course of his life, talking with both artists and models to find out the motivation behind the weekly rituals many of us pursue. From the Random House site:
To draw is to understand what we see. In The Undressed Art, writer-naturalist Peter Steinhart investigates the rituals, struggles, and joys of drawing. Reflecting on what is known about the brain’s role in the drawing process, Steinhart explores the visual learning curve: how children begin to draw, how most of them stop, and what brings adults back to this deeply human art form later in life. He considers why the face and figure are such commanding subjects and describes the delicate collaboration of the artist and model. Here is a powerful reminder that no revolution in art or technology can undermine our vital need to draw.