We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Board

My game and mapping class is coming up in May at Hoboken HOLA and today I put together a sample game board to prep. One of my studio mates gave me a piece of photographic seamless paper so I figured I'd try enlarging the game board idea to full table size. I figure a 9'x4' piece of paper will keep 8 kids occupied drawing mazes. They would each draw a home base and five game spaces. Each section would connect to the next, forming a large loop of about 40 spaces. Then the kids can create their own play character of about water bottle size. In the picture above I've placed a bunch of items on the board: dish soap, soup cans, a candle. Game play would be with a dice roll, with each kid starting at their own home and moving counter-clockwise around the board. Since the pieces will be evenly spaced out the kids shouldn't pass each other too often, and when they do we can create a rule. I figure this could be done over the course of 3 classes of 45 minutes each.