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Board Game Design Success

For the past 6 Fridays I've been running an art and design program at HOLA Charter School in Hoboken. I taught a 3-week board game design class to grades k-3. I've written about the curriculum in April and last November. Each child received an 11"x 17" piece of card stock with a pre-printed grid on it. The grids varied by grade; kindergarten drew on large squares while 3rd grade used small hexagons. More

We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Board

My game and mapping class is coming up in May at Hoboken HOLA and today I put together a sample game board to prep. One of my studio mates gave me a piece of photographic seamless paper so I figured I'd try enlarging the game board idea to full table size. I figure a 9'x4' piece of paper will keep 8 kids occupied drawing mazes. They would each draw a home base and five game spaces. Each section would connect to the next, forming a large loop of about 40 spaces. More

New Game and Mapping Curriculum for Students at HOLA

Last year I was invited to be a teaching artist at HOLA, a charter school in Hoboken. I developed a comic-book curriculum for children from K-2. Through 5 weekly classes we reviewed the concepts of character, setting and storyline and each student finished the class with a complete storybook. I've been invited again this year and I'm planning to teach game design. Here is my proposal. More