A Week of Daily Drawing

I'm still going strong after a week of daily drawings of my food. I started off poorly with a picture of grapes that wound up being so over worked with ink wash that I had to throw it away. Since then I've refined my process and have been enjoying trying a new pen, the PITT brush pen from Faber-Castell. I started using it for the pizza picture above, and like being able to vary the thickness of my line after using Sakura Micron 08 and 01 pens. I'm not an ink purist so I've been coloring my pictures in Photoshop as a way to brighten them up and have some fun with color. I've had limited success in the past trying to color my monochrome ink wash pictures but I'm having fun with these and have been much happier. Doing them quickly and pushing them out keeps me from endlessly reworking my pictures and I like the fresh look they have, even when it's reheated pasta! I now have social media overload and am posting on my Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr... and here on my blog. UPDATE: I managed to go for the full month, but wound up going about every-other-day for the last week or so. Below is the Flickr set of all of my drawings for Inktober 2014.