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Boy recreates the launch of "Imagination I" from EJ Keats "Regards to the Man in the Moon".

Regards to the Man in the Moon read aloud: I'm creating a "Find the Differences" game for the Ezra Jack Keats Foundation and have been using photos of the original art with no text. I just found this video of a couple of children in a library reading the book. It's been funny for me hearing the way kids read it because I've been so focused on the visuals while making the game, rather than the text of the book itself. "Find the Differences" games lend themselves to that because they are purely visual. The children in the video do a great job of both reading the text and describing the visuals.

New Game and Mapping Curriculum for Students at HOLA

Last year I was invited to be a teaching artist at HOLA, a charter school in Hoboken. I developed a comic-book curriculum for children from K-2. Through 5 weekly classes we reviewed the concepts of character, setting and storyline and each student finished the class with a complete storybook. I've been invited again this year and I'm planning to teach game design. Here is my proposal. More