Sketching Frogs

I started a game project with a developer and sound designer. It involves a hungry frog and I'll be posting some of my process work here.
2/24/14 A few little froggies, with a new one that stands. May look a little too much like Kermit though. Standing frog looks a little hunched over. 2/26/14 The difficulty with a standing frog is dealing with the head integrated with the torso. I like the idea of the frog as just a giant head with legs. 3/07/14 Big eyes, big belly and big thighs let you know it's a frog you're dealing with and not a gecko. I added some eye lids to give a bit more expression, but he may look a little too laid back. 3/10/14 I created a 3d version of the frog in Sketchup so that I could use it as reference for my 2D art work. I have limited skills in Sketchup but find it's a great way to prep work for drawing. Being able to change positions and zoom allows the objects to have consistent proportions no matter how they're viewed. 6/17/14 UPDATE: I dropped out of the project after a few weeks because it grew beyond a game jam and the work load was too much.

One thought on “Sketching Frogs

  1. Susan Newman

    How exciting! Frogs Are Green has tons of images within the site after all these years. Plus, I know many herpetologists, photographers who may be able to provide reference images.
    Keep me posted!

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