Sketching Frogs

I started a game project with a developer and sound designer. It involves a hungry frog and I’ll be posting some of my process work here.

A few little froggies, with a new one that stands. May look a little too much like Kermit though. Standing frog looks a little hunched over.

The difficulty with a standing frog is dealing with the head integrated with the torso. I like the idea of the frog as just a giant head with legs.

Big eyes, big belly and big thighs let you know it’s a frog you’re dealing with and not a gecko. I added some eye lids to give a bit more expression, but he may look a little too laid back.

I created a 3d version of the frog in Sketchup so that I could use it as reference for my 2D art work. I have limited skills in Sketchup but find it’s a great way to prep work for drawing. Being able to change positions and zoom allows the objects to have consistent proportions no matter how they’re viewed.

UPDATE: I dropped out of the project after a few weeks because it grew beyond a game jam and the work load was too much.

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  1. Posted 03/13/2014 at 5:17 PM | Permalink

    How exciting! Frogs Are Green has tons of images within the site after all these years. Plus, I know many herpetologists, photographers who may be able to provide reference images.
    Keep me posted!

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