Making a Maze a Day

In an attempt to keep from gluing my face to my iPhone on public transit I've started drawing little mazes in my sketch book. After realizing I've made one every day for the past week I figured I'd make it official with a Tumblr. Check out UPDATE September 2014: I stopped making daily mazes once I hit maze #60. It's now a maze every few days. UPDATE April 2016: At maze 74 I nailed a technique that I found unique and fun. I discovered that by overlapping paths I could create more complex mazes that looped within themselves and the trail was able to meander around the page, rather than being stuck within a narrow set of directions. I also was able to solve something that was a challenge since I stated the project: how to make a maze that was just as difficult backwards as forwards. Since there are no dead-ends you can easily go back from where you came, but the weaving pattern makes it a challenge to keep track of where you are and keeps the maze from seeming too simplistic. I pursued this weaving style for about 25 mazes. I layered the mazes with watercolor for a nice texture, then repurposed some and had them published in The Stute, the student newspaper for Stevens Institute of Technology. I've made ten of these mazes available as a free, printable PDF. Here's a Flickr set of my latest 12 drawings.

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