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Drawing Game Pros at CentCom

Last week I went to a panel about careers in digital gaming hosted by the Center for Communication. It was a great chance to hear about the career trajectories of a number of professionals in the industry. Of course I was compelled to sketch all of the panelists while they were speaking and later I applied ink wash to refine the pictures and add depth. Click for a larger image.


Drawing in Hoboken

The Impala in front of Carlo's Bake Shop
I’ve drawn Carlo’s Bakery in Hoboken a couple of times. The “Cake Boss” is right across from City Hall and there are benches facing into the street. Usually my pictures will include the crowd of people waiting to get into the little bake shop, but on this day I found an old Impala much more interesting.

Drawing People in Public

Hoboken Council Meeting

I’ve been challenging myself to draw faces whenever I have a chance. It’s rewarding to find the characteristics that make us look different and see how expression and personality manifest themselves in outward appearance. Above is a recent drawing I made of some of the members of Hoboken City Council.


Sketching as Visual Thinking

A List Apart has an article about the value of sketching and outlines the need to just get stuff on paper in a tangible form, rather than fussing about how pretty things look or worrying about “artistic” quality.

When you feel inadequate in your sketching, pause and reconsider your perspective. Don’t worry how well you draw. Instead, think of your sketching as visual thinking, which works regardless of your drawing quality. Ugly gets the job done just fine.