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Drawing in Hoboken

The Impala in front of Carlo's Bake Shop I've drawn Carlo's Bakery in Hoboken a couple of times. The "Cake Boss" is right across from City Hall and there are benches facing into the street. Usually my pictures will include the crowd of people waiting to get into the little bake shop, but on this day I found an old Impala much more interesting.

Welcome to the Jungle

Here's the trailer for Minecraft 1.2. There's a new jungle biom, children and wolf cubs. Plus much more, I'm sure. Hoboken Minecraft: SW at Observer & JacksonI've been constructing a replica of the southwest edge of Hoboken in Minecraft creative mode to get a better idea of the spacial relationships, traffic patterns and building footprints of an area that is under consideration for redevelopment. As of February, 2012 I serve as 3rd alternate member of the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments. More