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Drawing a Basket of Bread

bread 3-small
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I drew this bread basket while having a coffee at Choc-O-Pain cafe in Hoboken. It's a simple picture but I'm really excited about it because I was able to really nail a technique I've been working on the past few months. The picture incorporates a combination of ink line and sumi brush work with color in Photoshop. Below are some of the steps I went through. More

Creating the Taxi Trailer Painting

This post documents the creation of a watercolor painting based on a double trailer I saw wheeling naked Ford Escape taxis through Hoboken. This will be the largest painting to date in my Trucks series. Updates are in reverse chronological order. June 14, 2013 I've got most of the vector art in place, including the taxis.

Sketching as Visual Thinking

A List Apart has an article about the value of sketching and outlines the need to just get stuff on paper in a tangible form, rather than fussing about how pretty things look or worrying about "artistic" quality.
When you feel inadequate in your sketching, pause and reconsider your perspective. Don’t worry how well you draw. Instead, think of your sketching as visual thinking, which works regardless of your drawing quality. Ugly gets the job done just fine.