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Welcome to the Jungle

Here's the trailer for Minecraft 1.2. There's a new jungle biom, children and wolf cubs. Plus much more, I'm sure. Hoboken Minecraft: SW at Observer & JacksonI've been constructing a replica of the southwest edge of Hoboken in Minecraft creative mode to get a better idea of the spacial relationships, traffic patterns and building footprints of an area that is under consideration for redevelopment. As of February, 2012 I serve as 3rd alternate member of the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments. More

Animated GIF Stereograms

Stereograms set up flat, still images in such a way that they appear three dimensional to the viewer. In the mid to late 19th century photographers would shoot scenes using a camera equipped with two lenses a few inches apart. This would simulate our binocular vision and, when viewed through a stereoscope, would appear deeper and more lifelike. More