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Welcome to the Jungle

Here's the trailer for Minecraft 1.2. There's a new jungle biom, children and wolf cubs. Plus much more, I'm sure. Hoboken Minecraft: SW at Observer & JacksonI've been constructing a replica of the southwest edge of Hoboken in Minecraft creative mode to get a better idea of the spacial relationships, traffic patterns and building footprints of an area that is under consideration for redevelopment. As of February, 2012 I serve as 3rd alternate member of the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments. More

Minecraft in Education

The education potential of the game Minecraft is immediately apparent when you first start dividing wood and constructing a crafting table in the game. MinecraftEDU.com has a mission to help educators bring the game into the classroom and to engage learners in what the game has to offer:
The game is being used to teach more than just computer skills. It easily lends itself to science, technology, engineering and math explorations (STEM). But beyond that, language teachers are strengthening communication skills, civics teachers are exploring how societies function, and history teachers are having their students recreate ancient civilizations. It is not an exaggeration to say that the only limit is imagination!
They are creating a custom mod with features specifically designed for the education community and are making the game available at a discounted rate for schools. LINK: MinecraftEDU.com

Working in a Coal (and Redstone) Mine

Minecraft is a relatively new game for PC and Mac that allows users to build their own world out of virtual cubes that are 1 meter in volume. It differs from traditional first-person shooter games in that the environment the player inhabits is constructed on the fly when the player starts the game. The player "spawns" into a randomly generated world of mountains, lakes, deserts and caves which construct themselves based on programming algorithms. This means each player's experience is unique, and as they explore the environment the landscape builds itself out of thin air. More