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Be the Video Game Developer

The Girl Scouts has created a really cool interactive video that walks viewers though the creation of a video game, including the different job roles at a game design studio and the creative process in a work environment. The video outlines the design decisions and engineering work that go into game creation, all while allowing the viewer to choose different elements for their own custom game. It's a great way for kids to get an idea of how creative studios function and how teams of people with different talents can work together to create a unique product. LINK: Be the Video Game Developer

Welcome to the Jungle

Here's the trailer for Minecraft 1.2. There's a new jungle biom, children and wolf cubs. Plus much more, I'm sure. Hoboken Minecraft: SW at Observer & JacksonI've been constructing a replica of the southwest edge of Hoboken in Minecraft creative mode to get a better idea of the spacial relationships, traffic patterns and building footprints of an area that is under consideration for redevelopment. As of February, 2012 I serve as 3rd alternate member of the Hoboken Zoning Board of Adjustments. More